Ubud Monkey Forest

Sep 4, 2014

Hello Hello! Today we are journeying back to the beautiful Bali. During my stay my sister and I journeyed to the Ubud Monkey Forest where we had such an unreal experience. When we decided to go the forest I knew we would see a lot of monkeys, but I had no idea we would be able to interact with them the way we did. I got to feed monkeys! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was. Every zoo I have been to in the past had a "no touching the monkeys" policy so to be so up close and personal with these furry animals is a rare opportunity and I enjoyed every second of it. They were all so friendly, probably because they knew I had bananas, but either way I was still feeling the love. I had a couple monkeys follow me around, and one even went as far as tugging on my dress asking for more bananas haha. I had such a great time and my sister tried to capture as many pictures for me as possible. Here they are! Enjoy.

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