Lessons from Home

Sep 17, 2014

Growing up, my parents constantly gave me advice and tips on how to be a better person. Those tips have now turned into lifelong lessons that I will never forget. I love sharing parts of my life with you so I've decided to start this new series called "Lessons from Home" where I'll share one lesson I learned growing up that has helped shape me into the person I am today. Of course, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well as any life lessons you've learned over the years. 

Lesson 1: Be Nice to People

I'm sure everyone has heard the phrase "Respect your elders." I know I have. My mom has always been a big advocate for treating others with kindness and respect. I learned to respect my elders from many different adult figures in my life, but my mom made a point to teach us to be nice to people that would normally be overlooked. For her, it's not just about respecting your elders, it is about respecting people, being kind to people, and loving people. 

So many times we walk past a hotel maid or a janitor like they don't even exist.  Our lives get get so hectic and sometimes we forget to notice the people around us. We don't know how much a simple smile or a "hey how is your day going" could brighten someone's day. We don't know what other people are going through, and sometimes all they need is someone to flash them a smile to let them know that they are appreciated. 

Something I always notice is how people interact with the bus drivers on campus. At my college we have a bus system that takes you around campus and to off-campus housing nearby. It's free so anyone can get on and off when they please and no interaction with the driver is needed. I've noticed that people rarely acknowledge the bus driver when they get on the bus, and few people say thank you when they get off. I must admit, I've been guilty too. Sometimes I am too busy looking on my phone or talking to a friend that I don't even say thank you for the bus ride. 

When I watch others say thank you or even a simple hello to a driver, I can see how happy it makes them. Don't get me wrong, every single person I see is not the friendliest, but so many of them would just love to have someone to talk to. Just imagine working all day and not having anyone to talk to, and no one acknowledges you're even there. Put yourself in their shoes. 

I encourage you to acknowledge someone that you would normally overlook. Whether it's a bus driver or even the person working at your favorite coffee shop, just a hello or even a smile will do,  but you'll be surprised as to how much you can learn from others just by asking "how is your day going?" A lot of people have very interesting lives that are worth sharing, but you'll never know until you say hello.  

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