Game Day

Sep 1, 2014

Hey hey!! Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. This is what I wore to the football game festivities on Saturday. I ended up not going to the game because it was way too hot, and I could not deal with the heat. I brought two cold bottles of water with me, and they were done within the first hour.  I don't even really like water so the fact that I drank two bottles so quick just tells you how hot and parched I was. {fun fact --  Parched is one of my favorite words. I'm never just thirsty and need a drink. I'm always parched and need a beverage.}

I  know, I should be used to it by now because I always have track practice in the heat of the day, but I feel like this situation is different. When I'm at practice,  I'm focused on the workout and not on how hot it is, or the fact that I'm getting darker by the second. Trust me, I do notice the heat which is why i'm grateful for the water stations and cold towels, but it is still bearable because I know it is going to benefit me in the end. Not to mention I'm only outside for two hours, and I am wearing much less clothes than I would be on any other occasion. In any other situation I feel like I just get hot very quickly and it's way more uncomfortable than being at practice.  I spent 3 hours tailgating and didn't see myself standing at the game for another 3 hours in the heat. So I settled for tailgating and watched the game at home with the a/c on :). Have a fantastic Labor Day and I will talk to you tomorrow!

Top: Arden B
Skirt: Love Riche 
Booties: Express

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