Color block Maxi Dress

Sep 7, 2014

Good Morning! Currently wishing I was in New York for Fashion Week, but I'm here in good ole'  Austin, TX getting ready for a Sunday just like any other. For me that includes church, grocery shopping, and maybe some homework (but probably not until the last possible moment). I've noticed that the grocery store is always packed on Sunday. Personally, I just go because of the free samples and I'm probably not the only one. It would be easier to go during the week so I can avoid the crowd, but why pass on free food? Never. If it's around 1 p.m. you know where to find me :). 

Here's a look we shot over the weekend. It is still hot as ever in Austin so I'm still in summer mode, but I can't wait to start dressing for the colder weather. 

Shoes: Forever 21 

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