Sep 15, 2014

I have been slightly obsessing over Criminal Minds lately. The show has been out since 2005, but for some reason I'm just now getting into it.  I seriously cannot get enough. I get home from work and find myself checking the TV guide and getting so excited when I see that Criminal Minds will be on for the next 5 hours. You know what that means? Get a bowl of cereal or a quick dinner during the commercial breaks, but other than that I probably won't be leaving the couch.

What can I say, I'm a homebody. Sometimes the joys of being in my own home and doing absolutely nothing far exceeds dressing up and going out. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends, going to parties and what not, but sometimes I just want to be alone, lay on the couch, watch TV or surf the internet, and not have to worry about looking my best, going anywhere, or talking to anyone.

I finally got tired of seeing reruns of episodes that were just on the day before so I have resulted to Netflix which may not have been the best thing for my social life haha. Now, I don't even want to go anywhere on the weekends. I just want to stay home and watch Criminal Minds. Once I get lost in a TV series or book, I can't think about anything else but that. I have to keep going because I can't stand not knowing what happens next. These are reasons why I stay very far away from Netflix when  midterm or final exam time is approaching . I already know zero studying would get accomplished. 

Midterms are still a long ways away meaning I have plenty of time to watch as many shows as I want. I'm always up for getting hooked on a new show so if you have any suggestions on good shows to watch let me know!

 Today, I am leaving you with a few pictures from that one time I left the house last weekend. Circle skirts have been giving me so much life lately. If you keep seeing them in my future posts, that is why. They are seriously all I want to wear. I have to stop myself in the store because I would probably overdo it and buy wayyyy too many. I went through a phase when I wore jeans or leggings everywhere, but now it is just too hot for that. Skirts help add a little more dimension to my looks and  I feel more dressed up when I have them on. Plus, I don't get nearly as hot which is always a good thing. The heat + jeans is never a good combination.  

Top: H&M 
Skirt: Alythea 

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