Jun 27, 2014

Hey hey! Right now I am at the airport waiting to fly to San Francisco/watching the USA vs. Germany game/blogging. Talk about multi-tasking.  Lately, I haven't had much luck when it comes to blogging at the airport. A week and a half ago when I was on the plane back to Austin from Portland, I decided to write out a couple posts. When I have ideas in my head I like to write them down immediately because I'll probably end up forgetting if I don't.
Anyways, I ended up writing three posts, one that was going up the next day and 2 more for the remainder of the week. I wrote everything in the Notes app on my Iphone because I didn't have an internet connection to sign into Blogger, but when I got home one post had gotten deleted. I was devastated. All the time and energy I put into writing that article and in a half a second it was gone.  I don't know how and I don't know why but one thing I do know is that from now if I don't have internet I will be writing all of my posts on paper.

On a happier note, I am so so so happy to be going back to California. I've never been to San Francisco or Sacramento before and I'm all for discovering new places. I'm looking for good restaurants to try out while I am visiting so let me know if you have nay suggestions! Okay, my flight is about to board so I will talk to you all soon!

Top: Zara
Blazer: Material Girl 
Shoes: Forever 21

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  1. i love how you styled it. So sorry about the deleted post i know how frustrated it can be

    1. Thank you! Ya it sucks but I have to look at the bright side. It could've been worse haha

  2. love <3 beautiful ! greats from germany love carmen


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