Oregon Food Diary

Jun 20, 2014

Normally when we travel to Oregon I stick to eating at national chain restaurants. I guess this year I've become more of an experimental foodie because I've been wanting to try all of the local restaurants wherever we go. This trip I wasn't able to do much taste testing  because I try to eat as healthy as possible before I compete and most of the popular restaurants around my hotel were fried food and pizza. I was able to try a few restaurants and most of them were delicious. Of course I had to stop at a dessert shop after I finished competing. What can I say, I love sweets.

Laughing Planet

If you are looking for a healthy option that's not your typical salad and a price that is budget friendly, I definitely recommend this place! I got the "eat your veggies bowl" with beef and a side of plantains. The bowl was jam packed with flavors which I wasn't expecting, and the serving size left me with some leftovers. I know at first glance their plantains may not look appetizing (I thought the same thing) but they ended up being very good. The menu also had pressed juices and smoothies which I didn't get a chance to try, but wish I had. I'll definitely be making another trip next time I'm in Eugene.

Native Foods Cafe

I loved this place. It reminded me of a restaurant I would find in Austin. I got the BBQ seitan ciabatta sandwich with sweet potato fries and a lavender lemonade. Everything is homemade. No GMOs. No preservatives. Just pure goodness.

Voodoo Doughnuts

I have been hearing about this place for four years now and never got a chance to fully experience it. 2 years ago I got a regular glazed donut. It was good but it was just a regular donut and not really what they are famous for. This time I made sure to get some of their specialty donuts and needless to say, I am satisfied. 

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