Every Day is Mother's Day

Jun 6, 2014

 Today I really wanted to talk about my mom. Maybe it's because we got off the phone right before I started writing this article, or the fact that I never got a chance to post something for Mother's Day because I hadn't started my blog yet. Better late than never right? To be honest, any day is a good day to talk about my sweet mama.  My mom has been nothing short of the perfect parent. She has always been there to support me and she has never left my side. I remember growing up she would wake up every morning during the week  (and I mean every morning) to make us breakfast and make sure we had everything we needed for school that day. I definitely would not be where I am today without her. I know that is so clichĂ© but it is the absolute truth. She was the one who pushed me to stick with track and field and because of it I was able to attend the best university in the world on a full scholarship. I remember all those days I felt like quitting, but she made me continue because she knew what I was capable of and she wanted to see me succeed.

All the early morning practices during the summer with just me and my mom will be something I will always remember. Such a selfless act of kindness. She did it purely for me. She always has my best interest at heart and that is what makes her so special to me. She constantly goes above and beyond for me and I hope that when I have kids I can be half as good as the mother she is to me. I could go on about all of the random acts of kindness she has shown me over the years, but I would probably need to write a book. Just know my mom is the definition of a strong, selfless, and loving parent. Thank you mom for showing me the meaning of pure, selfless love.

On this day we went to a breakfast cafĂ© in Houston called Baby Barnaby's. Of course, the food was great. Yelp never lets us down. If you ever go you must try their pancakes. The apple pecan pancakes are to die for. 

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