Regional Flowers

May 28, 2014

Hello from Arkansas! We arrived in town today for the NCAA West Regional track meet. I don't compete until Saturday, so until then there will be lots of anxiety and even more waiting around. I'm not sure why I still get so nervous before a track meet.  I've been high jumping since I was 10 years old so you would think that I should be familiar enough with it to go out and jump with my eyes closed right? Wrong. The pressure I feel to perform at 100%, and the level of nervousness that I experience before every meet (especially the big meets) never changes.

For some reason Regionals is one of the most nerve-racking meets for me. I think it is because we jump until there are 12 girls left in the competition and then it's over. There is no single winner, just the 12 girls that advance to Nationals. The competition starts with 48 girls and ends with 12, and everyone wants one of those coveted spots, especially me. You work so hard for something and you want nothing more than to see a return on your invested time and efforts right? Well, there is no better time than now to start seeing that return. Once the meet starts on Thursday I am sure my nerves will settle a bit from watching my teammates compete. They are all so talented, and watching them accomplish their goals motivates me even more to accomplish mine.

Well here we are at my last regional meet as a student-athlete. All I want is to go out there, give it my very best shot, and of course make it to Nationals. Wish me luck! Here are some photos that take me back to a happy place. We shot this look at a park in Austin, and all I can think of when I look through these photos is pure happiness and bliss. The same kind of happiness I feel when I am competing, but without the pressure.
Dress: H&M 
Clutch: Express 
Shoes: Rock & Republic 


  1. I love your floral dress and your coral accessories are so pretty. Must have been hard walking in the rocks in your heels.

    1. thanks! haha actually I walked down there in flats and put the heels on when I got to a place where the lighting was okay and my bf carried me back after lol


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