Philadelphia Photo and Food Diary

May 29, 2014

OH PHILLY,  you never disappoint. I recently went to Philadelphia for the biggest track meet of the year, Penn Relays. My first time in the city was my freshman year, (3 years ago) and I've been dying to go back ever since. This track meet is like no other, and the energy from the crowd is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Being there puts me in such a great mood and I'm so grateful that I got the chance to return for my senior year. We stayed at The Inn at Penn, and let me tell you it is the furthest thing from an "Inn". It was definitely one of the nicer hotels I have stayed at while being on the track team, and the location is prefect. It is so close to restaurants, shops, and most importantly, the track stadium. After competing, I made sure to take some time to explore the city. When I say explore the city what I really mean is explore the food. Philly has so many good restaurants, and I wish I had time to try them all. I did manage to go to a few, and I'm excited to share my thoughts from each with you as well as some pictures from my trip!

1. Jamaican Jerk Hut
Let me first start off by saying that my teammates and I walked...WALKED...2 miles to get to this restaurant. We had too many people in our group and could not find a cab to fit everyone so we started walking hoping to pick up a cab on the way. I barely like walking down the street let alone 2 miles just to get food, but the trip was worth it. The restaurant itself reminds me of one that I would find in Jamaica.  I was raised in a household with two Jamaican parents and ate Jamaican food all the time growing up. Now that I'm away from home, I always miss my mom's cooking and of course the Jamaican dishes she makes so perfectly. I always get excited when I travel and see Jamaican restaurants because it reminds me of home. I ordered the ox tail that came with rice & peas, plantain, and cabbage. The restaurant definitely met my expectations, but the only complaint I had was the price. The prices were a little steep for my liking but they did give a large amount of food to make up for it.

2. Federal Donuts
They are famous for their chicken and donuts concept which is supposedly similar to chicken & waffles. I didn't order any chicken but I heard it's very good as well. Now, I love regular glazed donuts (especially from Shipley's), but before going to Federal Donuts I had never really thought to try a cake donut. Needless to say, they did not disappoint. I tried the cookies & cream and the sticky bun and they were both absolutely divine! If only they could bring a branch to Austin....

3. Green Eggs Cafe
Seriously, the breakfast gods were singing. I could probably do an entire post just on this restaurant because it is just perfect in every way. From the presentation of the food to the taste, Green Eggs definitely lives up to the hype. We split the red velvet pancakes, chicken & waffles Benedict, and the apple pie french toast. All I kept thinking while tasting everything was YES! YES! YES! I was in food heaven, but I need you to understand something. The red velvet pancakes are everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. The best pancake I've ever had and that is no exaggeration. Green Eggs Cafe I hope to see you again very soon.

Overall, the trip was amazing and I wish I cannot wait to go back. 


  1. I'm going to Philly next month, and I can't wait to try the restaurants you wrote about! I will surely try the red velvet pancakes.


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