That Black Romper

May 30, 2014

Happy Friday! I'm currently writing this post while in the ice bath. Talk about multi tasking! Taking an ice bath is something that I will never EVER get used to. The first couple of minutes are awful as all I can think about is how cold it is, but after my legs go numb I can focus on other things, like checking Instagram or writing this post. One more day until I compete and I can't wait! I'm getting anxious from all the waiting around, but the time is almost here. I will be sure to update you all after the event. My teammates have all been doing so well. 15 people have punched their tickets to nationals, and I couldn't be happier for them! I can't wait to see how everyone does tomorrow.

Philadelphia Photo and Food Diary

May 29, 2014

OH PHILLY,  you never disappoint. I recently went to Philadelphia for the biggest track meet of the year, Penn Relays. My first time in the city was my freshman year, (3 years ago) and I've been dying to go back ever since. This track meet is like no other, and the energy from the crowd is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Being there puts me in such a great mood and I'm so grateful that I got the chance to return for my senior year. We stayed at The Inn at Penn, and let me tell you it is the furthest thing from an "Inn". It was definitely one of the nicer hotels I have stayed at while being on the track team, and the location is prefect. It is so close to restaurants, shops, and most importantly, the track stadium. After competing, I made sure to take some time to explore the city. When I say explore the city what I really mean is explore the food. Philly has so many good restaurants, and I wish I had time to try them all. I did manage to go to a few, and I'm excited to share my thoughts from each with you as well as some pictures from my trip!

Regional Flowers

May 28, 2014

Hello from Arkansas! We arrived in town today for the NCAA West Regional track meet. I don't compete until Saturday, so until then there will be lots of anxiety and even more waiting around. I'm not sure why I still get so nervous before a track meet.  I've been high jumping since I was 10 years old so you would think that I should be familiar enough with it to go out and jump with my eyes closed right? Wrong. The pressure I feel to perform at 100%, and the level of nervousness that I experience before every meet (especially the big meets) never changes.

Happy Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Memorial Day comes at one of the best times of year for me. School is out, which means no more all night cram sessions, and summer is quickly approaching. This holiday is one of those where I can relax, eat some good BBQ, and of course remember all of the people who gave their lives for my country.

School Girl

May 26, 2014

This outfit definitely reminds me of a school girl.  It takes me back to the days when we slept in class, made tons of mistakes, and unforgettable memories. Back in high school I was forced to wear uniform that usually consisted of a long navy or khaki pleated skirt, a collared shirt that was way too big, and some type of flats because heels weren't even an option. While its not 6:30am and I don't hear my mom's voice yelling, "If you don't get up you're going to be late for school," putting on this outfit took me back to those days.

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